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In a significant move towards preserving Ethiopia’s linguistic diversity, Dr. Habtamu Abebe, President of Wachemo University, has formally reached out to Dr. Eba Mijena, Chief Executive of Academic Affairs at the Ministry of Education, regarding a pioneering project titled “Documenting and Digitizing All the Diverse Languages of Ethiopia.” Dr. Habtamu Abebe entrusted the core team of this Project, comprising Dr. K. Sekhar, Mr. Eyasu Tilahun,  Mr. Habtemariam Amare, and Mr. Yared Dessalegn to present the project’s objectives and strategies to Dr. Eba Mijena. The project aims to create multilingual self-study guidebooks, online courses, mobile applications, and audio pronunciation tools on all the Ethiopia’s diverse languages.

During the discussion, emphasis was placed on fostering a tripartite collaboration involving the Ministry of Education, Wachemo University, and Public Universities/Regional and Zonal Educational Bureaus. Dr. Eba Mijena expressed enthusiasm and optimism about the project’s potential impact at the national level and conveyed a positive outlook on collaborating with relevant stakeholders to realize this ambitious endeavor. This initiative reflects a collective commitment to safeguarding Ethiopia’s rich linguistic heritage and ensuring its accessibility to future generations, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing education and cultural preservation.