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An agreement has been reached between Wachemo University and the Central Ethiopia Region Culture and Tourism Bureau to undertake the documentation and digitization of Mareko, Kabena, and Gurage languages, leveraging self-study guidebooks, mobile applications, online courses, and audio pronunciation tools. Dr. Habtamu Abebe, President of Wachemo University, highlighted the institution’s track record in documenting various Ethiopian languages and reiterated their commitment to completing the remaining languages in the Central Ethiopia Region, positioning it as the first region in Ethiopia to achieve such comprehensive digitization. Mr. Samuel Mengesha, Head of the Central Ethiopia Region Culture and Tourism Bureau, commended Wachemo University’s efforts and expressed eagerness to collaborate on documenting Mareko, Kabena, and Gurage languages, emphasizing a desire for continued partnership across different domains.

The Ethio Language Box core team, comprising Dr. K. Sekhar, Mr. Eyasu Tilahun, and Mr. Habtemariam, presented the project’s objectives of facilitating language learning through familiar Ethiopian languages or English, distributing informational materials, and showcasing the project’s technological infrastructure for documentation and digitization. The initiative aims to provide accessible learning resources through self-study guides, mobile applications available on the Google Play Store, online courses via the website, and audio pronunciation tools, fostering the preservation and exploration of Ethiopia’s linguistic diversity.