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In a concerted effort to preserve and digitize the rich cultural heritage of the Afaan Oromoo language, Wachemo University and Arsi University have initiated collaborative measures following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Directed by Dr. Habtamu Abebe, President of Wachemo University, and Dr. Duguma Adugna Debele, President of Arsi University, the joint team has embarked on the documentation and digitization process outlined in the agreement. Under the guidance of the core team of the Ethio Language Box Project, led by Dr. K. Sekhar, Mr. Eyasu Tilahun, and Mr. Habtemariam Amare, Afaan Oromoo translators including Dr. Mohammed Nemo Mudda, Mrs. Zeytuna Fayo, Mr. Duresa Deksiso Geleto, and Remla Reshid underwent comprehensive training utilizing a web application developed by Wachemo University ICT experts.

During the training sessions, translators were equipped with the necessary skills to effectively document and digitize Afaan Oromoo, ensuring consistency in verb forms and incorporating diverse dialects. This collaborative endeavor underscores the commitment of both universities to preserve and promote Ethiopia’s linguistic diversity, leveraging modern technology to make Afaan Oromoo accessible and relevant in the digital age. As the project progresses, stakeholders remain dedicated to upholding the integrity and authenticity of the language, fostering a deeper appreciation for Afaan Oromoo among present and future generations