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An intensive Halaba Language Editing session convened from May 22 to 27, 2023, under the auspices of Wachemo University President, Dr. Habtamu Abebe, and Halaba Zone Administrator, Dr. Mohammed. Led by linguistic experts from Wachemo University, including Dr. K. Sekhar, Mr. Eyasu Tilahun, Mr. Habteramraim Amarer, and Mr. Abera, alongside a dedicated team of translators and editors, the session focused on refining and enhancing the Halaba language. The collaborative effort involved translators such as Mr. Muhammed Mokshe, Mr. Mohammedsani Bergena, Mr. Shemsedin Bamud, and Editors including Sh/L. Bedru Hassen, Mr. Jemal Anicha, Mr. Mohammed Aman, and Mr. Desta Buruda. Following meticulous editing, the manuscript has been submitted to reviewers proficient in English, Amharic, and Halaba for further validation.

After successful completion, the edited material has been forwarded to reviewers for final assessment, marking a crucial milestone in the journey to preserve and promote the Halaba language. Looking ahead, a validation workshop is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, further affirming the commitment to linguistic diversity and cultural preservation in the region. This collaborative endeavor underscores the dedication of Wachemo University and the Halaba Zone Administration to harnessing collective expertise for the advancement of indigenous languages, paving the way for enhanced accessibility and appreciation of the Halaba linguistic heritage.