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Wachemo University and Arba Minch University have embarked on an initial discussion aimed at documenting and digitizing the Gamo and Goffa languages. This collaborative effort seeks to preserve and promote the linguistic heritage of these two languages by creating multilingual self-study guidebooks, online courses, mobile applications, and audio pronunciation tools. Through their joint endeavor, both universities are committed to ensuring the accessibility and sustainability of the Gamo and Goffa languages for future generations.

The discussion marks a significant step forward in the preservation of linguistic diversity in Ethiopia. By leveraging their expertise and resources, Wachemo University and Arba Minch University aim to empower the communities speaking Gamo and Goffa languages, fostering greater inclusivity and cultural appreciation. The initiative highlights the universities’ dedication to embracing and celebrating Ethiopia’s rich linguistic heritage while embracing modern technology to make language learning more accessible and engaging.