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Following the successful completion of the “Translation Phase: Successful Kabena Language Digitization,” an essential editing session was held from May 6 to May 12, 2024. This phase focused on refining and finalizing the translated content produced by Ato Muze Hussain, Mr. Hadi Diga, Mr. Jilalu Fadlu, and Ms. Ramzia Shemsu, ensuring its accuracy and cultural relevance.

The appointed editing team, responsible for meticulously reviewing and enhancing the translated materials, comprised Mr. Mubarek Akmel, Ms. Zulfa Nesru, Ms. Fejru Bedru, and Mr. Mahmmud Misbah. These editors, along with the original translators, received comprehensive training from the Ethio Language Box project’s core team. Led by Dr. K. Sekhar and supported by Mr. Eyasu Tilahun and Mr. Habtemariam Amare, the training sessions equipped the editors with advanced skills in language accuracy, cultural context, and consistency.

During the editing phase, the editors worked closely to ensure that the translated Kabena Language content adhered to predetermined standards and accurately represented the cultural and linguistic nuances of the original language. This collaboration between Wachemo University and the Culture and Tourism Office of the Central Ethiopia Regional State underscores a strong commitment to cultural preservation and effective communication within the region.