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In a momentous endeavor to preserve and promote the Afaan Oromoo language, Wachemo University and Arsi University have joined forces through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The ceremony, held at the esteemed senate hall of Arsi University, was led by Dr. Habtamu Abebe, President of Wachemo University, and Dr. Duguma Adugna Debele, President of Arsi University. The signing of the MoU marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts to document and digitize Afaan Oromoo, with a focus on creating a multilingual self-study guidebook, mobile application, online course, and audio pronunciation tools.

Key representatives, including Dr. Tsedeke Lambero, Vice President of Research and Community at Wachemo University, and Dr. Adem Kedir Geleto, Vice President of Research and Community Service at Arsi University, formally endorsed the MoU. The ceremony witnessed the participation of the core team of the Ethio Language Box Project, comprising Dr. K. Sekhar, Mr. Eyasu Tilahun, and Mr. Habtemariam Amare, alongside Dr. Wako Geda, Dean of the College of Social Science at Arsi University, and faculty members from the Afaan Oromoo Language Department. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment between Wachemo University and Arsi University to safeguard and celebrate the linguistic diversity of Ethiopia, ensuring that the Afaan Oromoo language remains vibrant and accessible for generations to come.