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In a significant step towards linguistic preservation, Wachemo University and Dilla University have forged a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to document and digitize the Gedeo language. The MoU signing ceremony, held at the esteemed senate hall of Wachemo University, was led by Dr. Habtamu Abebe, President of Wachemo University, and Dr. Chirotaw Ayele, President of Dilla University. The collaborative effort aims to create a multilingual self-study guidebook, mobile application, online course, and audio pronunciation tools to ensure the accessibility and sustainability of the Gedeo language.

At the signing ceremony, key representatives including Dr. Tsedeke Lambero, Vice President of Research and Community at Wachemo University, and Dr. Dereje Kifle, Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer at Dilla University, formally endorsed the MoU. The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Tekalign Tadesse, Director of Community Service and Engagement at Dilla University, alongside the core team of the Ethio Language Box Project, directors, and management officials from both universities. This collaborative endeavor exemplifies the commitment of Wachemo University and Dilla University to preserve linguistic diversity and foster cultural appreciation within the region.