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Wachemo University and the Halaba Zone Administration have joined forces in a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony aimed at documenting and digitizing the Halaba language. Under the leadership of Wachemo University President, Dr. Habtamu Abebe, and Halaba Zone Administrator, Dr. Mohammed, the MoU signifies a collaborative effort to preserve and promote the linguistic heritage of the Halaba community. The ceremony, held at the esteemed senate hall of Wachemo University, witnessed the presence of key stakeholders, including Wachemo University’s vice presidents, the core team of the Ethio Language Box project, directors, and the head of the Halaba Zone Education Office.

This momentous occasion underscores the commitment of both Wachemo University and the Halaba Zone Administration to leveraging modern technology for the preservation of indigenous languages. Through the creation of multilingual self-study guidebooks, mobile applications, online courses, and audio pronunciation tools, the collaboration seeks to ensure the accessibility and sustainability of the Halaba language for future generations. The MoU signing ceremony represents a significant step forward in fostering linguistic diversity and cultural preservation in Ethiopia, reaffirming the importance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding the country’s rich linguistic heritage.