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Wachemo University has taken a proactive approach to preserving the Siltie language by conducting training sessions for Siltie translators. The aim of these sessions is to equip translators with the necessary skills and tools to document and digitize the Siltie language effectively. Utilizing a web application developed specifically for this purpose, participants are guided through various aspects of language documentation and digitization, including the creation of multilingual self-study materials, online courses, mobile applications, and audio pronunciation tools.

Through this initiative, Wachemo University seeks to empower Siltie translators to play a pivotal role in preserving their language and cultural heritage. By providing training sessions facilitated by experts in the field and leveraging modern technology, the university aims to ensure the accessibility and sustainability of the Siltie language for generations to come. This collaborative effort underscores Wachemo University’s commitment to linguistic diversity and cultural preservation, as well as its dedication to harnessing technology for the greater good of society.